Barrie & District
Ladies Slo-Pitch League​​

1.  SPO Official Handbook will be used as the Official League Rule Book.

2.  Uniforms: The rule is to be enforced by the Umpires; an appeal is not required. Matching tops are mandatory by June 1st. Exceptions to this rule are to have written approval signed by an Executive Member. Note: (Maximum styles - 2) Team sleeved shirts &/or tank style are okay as long as the team colours and sponsors are consistent. Inclement weather: Jackets or sweaters overtop do not have to match; but each player must have a team shirt on underneath.

3.  When a team forfeits a game; they pay all the umpire costs for that game IF the team forfeits after 12 noon the day "of".  If a team forfeits prior to 12 noon - they don't pay the forfeit fee. If a team forfeits both games, they are required to pay umpire fees for both games regardless if they are home or away.

4.  Home team must supply 2 baseballs for the game. (1 new and 1 in good condition or 2 in good condition if a new ball is not available). If a team is out of the SPO Gold Dot balls, then the SPN Green Dot balls will be permitted to use.

5.  The winning team of each game must have the score sheets signed by the umpire. Umpires are also to print their name. Score sheets must be legible and have the correct date, team name and first and last names of game stars (offense and defense) for each team. The teams choose their own offensive and defensive stars for each game. Score sheets are to be placed in the little grey metal suitcase located in the equipment box at MacMorrison Park by the Friday following the game for the Statistician.

6.  Winning teams must enter their score in the Game On App, email or text the score of the game within 24 hours, if your team fails to do this, you will get a zero for a score; the other team will receive the 2 pts. for the win, and the score will show as a 7 - 0 loss (SS) for the purpose of plus/minus.

7.  Home team of the last game is responsible for putting the bases away and locking the washrooms (men's and ladies). They are also responsible to ensure the equipment box & light box is locked. In the event of rain or a forfeit, home team will also shut off the lights. Any problems with the locks are to be reported immediately to the Executive Committee.

8.  a) In the event of rain: Both teams of the first scheduled game must go to the diamond and check the field and decide of the game should be cancelled or not. If cancelling, the Umps and the other team rep(s) are to be called a minimum of 1 hour prior to game time. Current phone number for the Ump's conveyor, Colleen Keogh, is 705-790-6532. NOTE: If the Umpires are not cancelled, both teams are responsible for paying 1/2 the Umpires fees. Also, notify the Statistician to reschedule the game(s) and so that she is not looking for a score sheet that is not there.
     b) In the event of rain just prior to the game start time: If both teams deems it 'unsafe' then they can cancel the game. In this case the Ump is paid for showing up as follows: ½ of one game fee divided equally between each team. To prevent teams from calling 'unsafe' unfairly, if either team has less than 9 players in uniform (team shirts) they FORFEIT. 
     c) In the event of rain after the game has started, during regular season and semi-finals: It is the Ump's decision whether or not to call the game. If the game has gone 4 complete innings or 3 ½ if home team is ahead; the game is complete and the score stands. If the game is cancelled prior to the aforementioned, the game is to be replayed from the beginning. 
     d) In event of rained out games during playoffs: Notify scheduler ASAP. The team who is home when the rain out game was cancelled remains home team for the next scheduled game. During the finals, if the game is called due to inclement weather before the 7 innings are completed or 6 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead, the game will be replayed in its entirety on the next scheduled game date.

9.  No kids or pets are allowed in the dugouts. Player could face ejection after a warning. This is for insurance purposes.

10.  The first game shall start at the designated time of the schedule. Start times are 6:30 pm, 7:40 pm, 8:50 pm and 10 pm. A team will be granted a 15-minute grace period for the first game only (6:30 pm) before default is called. Grace time will be deducted from playing time. No new inning will start after 55 minutes.

11.  If the first, second or third game surpass the scheduled start time, only 5 minutes will be allowed between games. Any time over the 5-minute limit will be deducted from the 55 minutes. No on-field warm ups if games are behind schedule.
Extra Players From The SPO Handbook

Teams may use unlimited "EXTRA PLAYERS(S)". The total number of regular players (10) and extra players may not exceed the number of players on the team's legal roster (maximum 20). If more than 10 players are on the batting order, any 10 may play defense.
       a.    If a player is unable to continue in the game and no legal substitute is available when he is due up to bat, he is declared out and play continues with the next batter in the batting order. If, with 2 out, the batter before the missing player is walked (intentional or unintentional), the automatic out is waived and the next batter will bat. (This does not apply if the player is declared unable to continue just prior to the team's offensive half of the inning.)
       b.    The manager of the player unable to bat is responsible for notifying the plate umpire of this situation. Failure to do this will result with the manager being ejected.
       c.    A team must have a minimum of ten (10) players to start and to continue the game. If a team has less than ten (10) players the game is forfeited. A team may not add extra player(s) at a later time.
       d.    Short Handed Rule (optional): Teams may start a game with a minimum of nine (9) players. However, an out shall be declared when the tenth position in the line-up is scheduled to bat. A tenth player may be added to the tenth position any time before the end of the game. Any team that starts a game with ten or more players may drop to the minimum of nine players to finish the game. All vacant spot(s) in the line-up will be declared an out every time that line-up position is due to bat. 
       e.    A team may not add extra player(s) at a later time. Any player that leaves the game for any reason may not return to the game. If a player is ejected from the game for any reason leaving the team with less than ten players, the ejected player's team must have a substitute available to replace the ejected player or that team will forfeit the game. Exception: A player, who has left the game under the blood rule, may return.

Substitutions: Any player in the batting order may be replaced during any stoppage of play with a legal rostered player not already in the batting order. Each starting player may re-enter the game once in the same position in the batting order.  Substitutes must be listed on the lineup card.

Amendment 12a to SPO handbook rule extra players C & D:
12.  a) If a team is starting with only 9 batters, they must finish with only 9 batters. There will be no automatic out. If the 10th player shows up, they may play defensively only. b) If a team has 10 players present at the game, you must bat all 10 players.  A team cannot bat 9 players and have 10 defensively from the start of a game. C) Any player or substitute must be present at the beginning of the game to be eligible to play in that game.

13.  During the regular season, if a team has less than 10 players for a game, they may pick up a maximum of 2 players from another team to make 9. The pick up player must be from the same or a lower Division. Each team may only pick up 2 players per game.  The umpire and the opposing team are to be informed of the pick up(s) and the player's name must be starred (*) on the score sheet. If your 9th player shows up before the start of the game, you can no longer use the player you picked up. If you have picked up a player to make your 9th player and your own player shows up during the game, making her your 10th player, the regular player will not be allowed to play that game. They cannot play defensively. Player pick-ups are not allowed during the playoffs.

14.  Anticipation step will be allowed.

15.  Teams are allowed three courtesy runners per game. It can be the same runner.

16.  Tags are not permitted at home plate.

17.  Umpires a) If the 1st and 2nd game is cancelled due to weather, the second umpire must be available for the 3rd and 4th game unless notified. b) It is the Umpires responsibility to speed up the game between half innings if needed.

18.  Playoffs:
       a) All teams in both divisions make playoffs.  
       b) The team that finishes ahead in the standings starts as 'home team' for the semi-finals. 'Home' is altered after the first game. 
       c) Finals - home team will be decided by the toss of a coin. 'Home' is altered after the first game. 
       d) For semi-finals: No new inning may start after 1 hour and 5 minutes; ties will be broken using SPO tie breaking rules.                                                                       
       e) For finals: Seven innings; unlimited time; ties will be broken using SPO tie breaking rules. In the event of a game being called due to inclement weather, the game will be replayed from the beginning. 
       f) Semis are best 2/3; finals are best 3/5. 
       g) Player pick-ups are not allowed during the playoffs, not even if a team is short players for a game.

19.  The teams that finish first in League standing will move up a Division. The teams that finish in last position will move down a Division. If a team does not want to move down they must inform the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will make their decision the following Spring after registration. Executive Committee's decision is final.

 20.  A post dated cheque for Oct 1st in the amount of $25.00 is required for light and washroom keys for MacMorrison Park.

21.  There will be a home plate/ strike board used as per the SPO 2016/2017 rule book. It shall be a rectangle, 24" wide by 36" long. 

22.  The regular season 'mercy rule' shall be 5 completed innings and a 12 run lead as per SPO rules.

23.  League Playoffs for all divisions will now start the week of TBD. 

24.  There will be no double headers during playoffs; playoff games will also be spread out and not played on consecutive nights, unless there are time constraints to complete the season prior to October 1st.

25.  Division 2 ONLY will use the MATCH +5 run maximum per inning format.  Mercy Rule still applies * see Rule 22.

26.  When the First division teams are playing against the Second division teams the match +5 rule will be in effect. Team reps from each team shall inform the umpire before the  game starts that match+5 rule is in effect for the game.

27.  Homerun rule: Walk Off Home Run: On any fair-batted ball hit over the fence (touched or untouched) for a home run, the batter and all runners are credited with a score. The batter and any runners do not run the bases but go directly to their team area. There is no homerun limit.

Last revised: June 2, 2016